Thanks to your beautiful villa we had the best family holiday we have ever had. It was really something very special particularly as none of us other than Philip had been to Greece before. The villa itself was perfect in every way. I can't criticise anything about it. We loved its simplicity and style, it's coolness and how it harmonised with the village, the land and the sea. The view of course was unbelievable! We loved the way it was furnished both elegantly and yet so comfortably. The rooms were impeccably cleaned each day, the food and wine was delicious, we had everything we could possibly need. Even Makis observed that we found it difficult to leave the villa and do other things when we had everything we needed there. We felt like we were coming home every time we went out for the day. It was always a delight to know we were returning to such a special place each day. For me it has made me very keen to want to return to Greece again some day soon. My only suggestion might be to place a sign saying 'Private Villa' on the main gate as this might deter the occasional curious visitor wandering down the path. But this was not a problem for us at all. Of course what enhanced our wonderful stay in Santorini was Makis. He is unique! We found his friendliness and desire to offer us anything at any time quite remarkable. He had a great sense of humour and was fabulous with our children. He provided excellent suggestions for site seeing and dining out. His typical friendly no-fuss Greek manner and desire to be available to help us with all our needs was what made our stay at the villa even better than we could have imagined. So thank you again for offering us your villa. We truly had the perfect holiday.
K.B. Sydney, 2012

Excerpts from our guestbook. Names withheld for confidentiality.